Why use a Professional Photographer?

 “Looking back I wish I would have splurged on photos and the video… Those are the two most important things because you can look back to them.”  -Marie

 Last summer, I booked two last minute weddings this year as a result of amateur, or inexperienced photographers.  One couple had booked the date, and then never heard from the photographer again.  They booked me one month before their wedding.  The other couple had asked a friend, an amateur photographer, who then got uncomfortable and backed out 3 months before the wedding.  Luckily I was available for these stressed out couples!

 In 20 years, the music from your wedding will have faded.  The yummy appetizers will be a memory.  And you probably won’t fit into your dress.  But you will still have your wedding images.  And you will cherish them more as you get older and move through your life.  Your kids will love your images, your parents will have them up on their walls, and they will bring you back to a wonderful day in your life.  They will be the images you pass down through your family’s generations.

 Do you want to leave such an important, lasting part of your wedding day and your life story to someone who is not experienced, who does not have the right equipment and who doesn’t really know what they are doing?  Your photos are the one thing you have when your wedding day is over – it is important to use a professional to ensure that they are everything you would like them to be.

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