August–The Song of the Cicadas

THE SONG OF THE CICADAS In the soft night as I roam my summer yard the song of the cicadas thrills through my body a violin bow being drawn  along the strings the wind plays a gentle bass through the trees what is the cicadas story they tell faithfully every summer...

July–The Schooner

THE SCHOONER                                    I saw a schooner gliding through the bay carrying those who had never sailed before never smelled the fresh clean scent  of the wind crossing the bow never heard the lullaby of water rippling by the hull never felt the...

High School Senior Photos

Perry is another Class of 2021 “almost” senior at Poudre High School.  He is a talented actor, and likes to be involved in politics!  We had a fun afternoon here at our Portrait Park.   

Congratulations Class of 2020!

Congratulations Class of 2020!  Through all the difficulties of this pandemic, you have done it!  Good luck and best wishes with your future plans. Class of 2020

Poudre High School Senior Photos

Ally’s photo shoot along the Poudre River and at the bridge at Lion’s Park was super fun.  She is Class of 2021 and a great tennis player, hoping they have a season next year! Class of 2021, it is not too early to get your senior photos scheduled!  Summer...

June–The Heron

THE HERON Always searching long fingers poised dagger beak pointed to the prey the heron creeping listening all intent on the elusive truth