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Timnath High School Senior Photos

Cassidy is a 2025 senior at Timnath High School, one of the first graduating classes!  She loves volleyball and her dog.  We had a lovely shoot here at our Portait Park!

June Poem and Photo



How perfect are the ocean waves


piece by piece in continuum

lucent green to frothy white


How imperfect are the ocean waves

tumbling in soapy chaos

over themselves

racing one to one

in playful abandonment

to the waiting shore


Never disturbed by the giant rocks

placed in their path

by an unseen hand

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Kimball Nelson is an award-winning professional photographer serving Fort Collins, Loveland, Estes Park and all of Colorado’s front range. Kimball provides candid, natural portraiture photography to clients across Colorado and has shot weddings, high school senior and family portraits across the Rocky Mountain region from Cheyenne to Telluride. As a Certified Professional Photographer she relies on her years of experience, skill and training to create natural, beautiful images that tell her client’s stories.

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