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Colorado Wildflowers – May Poem & Photography


looking carefree

back from their winter’s rest
hidden beneath the earth

bending in the wind
on stalks
so unbelievably thin
filled with life force

they know secrets
we’ll never know
on how to return again

Poetry by WZ Nelson
Photography by Kimball Nelson

February Poem & Photography – Colorado Sun & Sky

February – The Sun is Up
The sun is up again!
the fear of the darkness
of night
shatters like black glass
thrown on a jagged rock
a brief respite from
the returning gloom
the approaching demise
of another day

Poetry by WZ Nelson
Photography by Kimball Nelson

Lake_Dillon_Colorado_Poem Photography

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Kimball Nelson is an award-winning professional photographer serving Fort Collins, Loveland, Estes Park and all of Colorado’s front range. Kimball provides candid, natural portraiture photography to clients across Colorado and has shot weddings, high school senior and family portraits across the Rocky Mountain region from Cheyenne to Telluride. As a Certified Professional Photographer she relies on her years of experience, skill and training to create natural, beautiful images that tell her client’s stories.

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