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Joy – August Poem and Photo

Joy by WZ Nelson

Joy is lifting
the corner of my heart
peering in to see
if she is welcome there

the vacuum sweeps her in
as if she were
a moth in flight
seeking light

yet she is the glow
my heart has sought
so very long

Fort Collins High School Senior Photos

Gavin was excited about his senior photos and brought along his guitar and skateboard.  It is so fun and unique when seniors bring their interests to the shoot!  Check out more senior photos at our senior gallery:


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Kimball Nelson is an award-winning professional photographer serving Fort Collins, Loveland, Estes Park and all of Colorado’s front range. Kimball provides candid, natural portraiture photography to clients across Colorado and has shot weddings, high school senior and family portraits across the Rocky Mountain region from Cheyenne to Telluride. As a Certified Professional Photographer she relies on her years of experience, skill and training to create natural, beautiful images that tell her client’s stories.

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